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International schools in Bangkok and Thailand
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International Schools in Bangkok and Thailand - Your guide through the best international nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary school education.


Welcome to an overview and the maps of international schools in Bangkok and all Thailand on nursery, primary or secondary level, and day and boarding schools with American, British, German, Swiss or Finnish curriculum. All international schools listed here are private schools (there are no public international schools in Thailand, that's why).

International schools in Bangkok and in all Thailand rank on top of the list in terms of quality and child-centered education, which still poses a big challenge to most public schools in both Bangkok and Thailand. Unfortunately, educational quality in this area comes with a price tag. The alternative might be English-program schools (bilingual or EP schools).

We organized this private Web site around the map of Thailand since most parents are not free to choose a job close to the school they want for their children. Usually, you might be looking for a school around the place you live - many work and live in Bangkok, others in Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Pattaya or upcountry Thailand. To make things easier, we also grouped the international schools in and out of Bangkok in topical groups as requested by parents, such as boarding schools or Christian schools. If you find something that we can do better or that's missing, please let us know by email to

nursery pre-K Nursery, Day Care and Pre-Kindergarten Schools
Children from 18 months to 3 years in Bangkok and all Thailand
primary school Primary Schools (Elementary Schools)
Grades 1 through 6 in Bangkok and all Thailand
high school secondary Senior High Schools
Grades 10 through 12 or 13 in Bangkok and all Thailand
kindergarten Kindergarten, Play Group and Pre-School
Children from 3 to 6 years in Bangkok and all Thailand
middle school Junior High Schools (Middle Schools)
Grades 7 through 9 in Bangkok and all Thailand
EP English-Program Schools (Bilingual EP Schools)
Teaching the Thai Curriculum in English at bilingual schools in Bangkok and all Thailand

boarding school International Boarding Schools
In Bangkok and all Thailand for different age groups and different boarding levels
christian Christian International Schools
Catholic and Protestant nternational and bilingual schools in Bangkok and Thailand
international baccalaureate International Baccalaureate Schools (IB Schools)
Schools offering one or more IB modules for the different age groups in Bangkok and Thailand
montessori Montessori International Schools
Schools offering the Montessori Education Method in Bangkok and all Thailand
preK-12 PreK through Grade 12 Schools
From toddler through university entrance qualification at a single school - the all-in-one schools in Bangkok and Thailand
study guide thailand Teaching Jobs at International Schools
The shortest way to quality teaching jobs at international schools in Bangkok and Thailand: The recruitment pages
American American International Schools
US American curriculum based education in Bangkok and Thailand
british British International Schools
United Kingdom curriculum education in Bangkok and Thailand
kindergarten German and Swiss International Schools
Deutsch-sprachige Schulen in Thailand (christliche Schulen) in Bangkok und Thailand
summer school Summer Schools and Summer Camps
Holiday activities programs offered by international schools in Bangkok and all Thailand
map Complete List of all International Schools at a Glance
Location, curriculum and language(s) of instruction of all international schools in Bangkok and all Thailand
Degree Search International School Custom Search Engine
Search Web sites of international schools in Bangkok and Thailand

We are often asked for 'foreign schools' in Bangkok and Thailand. None of the international schools in Bangkok and Thailand is really a 'foreign school' since they are all accredited by the Ministry of Education in Thailand, a legal process that eventually makes them Thai schools. International schools use a foreign curriculum, as opposed to the national Thai curriculum, from the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Australia etc.

In contrast, English-program schools (EP schools) teach the national Thai curriculum in English. However, the curriculum is not the only difference: The national Thai curriculum requires some subjects taught in Thai language, making EP schools effectively bilingual schools. While some English-program schools are private schools, many of them are public schools.

An international school is loosely defined as a school that promotes international education, either by adopting an international curriculum such as that of the International Baccalaureate or Cambridge International Examinations, or by following a national curriculum different from that of the country the school is located in. These schools cater mainly to students who are not nationals of the host country, such as the children of the staff of international businesses, international organizations, foreign embassies, missions, or missionary programs. Many local students attend these schools to learn the language of the international school and to obtain qualifications for employment or higher education in a foreign country (Wikipedia).





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Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the data shown on this Web site. We try our very best,but we depend on schools, their Web sites, and teachers, to get updates when ever programs, conditions, or tuition fees change.


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