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Tuition Fees of International Nurseries in Thailand




For many, a major concern when choosing an international school are the cost of tuition. Below, we provide at least a glimpse of transparency on tuition fees at international Nursery Schools, Day Care or pre-Kindergarten Schools in Thailand.

Some think more expensive must be better. We are not that sure. Especially if you don't have unlimited means, go and take a look yourself. You look for the best school for your kid, not necessarily for the best way to get rid of your money, right? As it is anywhere else, more expensive does not always mean better education. So, check yourself where the sometimes enourmous tuition fees go - do they go into education, or will they end up in ever more bombastic architecture?

Be aware, however, that tuition fee is not the only cost you will have to pay. First, and often in the 6 digits, there is a one-time entrance fee (non-refundable). Beyond that, the list of potential fees seems endless, depending on the creativity of the school. There are lunch supervision fee, snack fees in the morning and again in the afternoon, school development fees, day care fees, transportation fees, technology fees, external examination fees, and maybe many more. And please, don't forget the school uniforms.

The multitude of small additional fees makes it impossible for us to come up with a serious comparison of total cost to send your kid to an international school.

Well, at least we can provide you with the biggest chunk of your costs - the annual tuition fee per education level. If a school offers different fees during a stage, we tried to calculate a median value. Still, always check with the school for you decide!

The good news that under some conditions the fees may be much lower. As an example: For AIT International School, we listed the fees for non-AIT members. If you are a student at AIT, your kid will receive a 75 percent discount.

Similar discounts may be offered for the second and any further child that attends the same school, the so-called 'sibling discount'.

Some schools seem to avoid even such basic comparison: They don't publish their fees on their Web sites at all. You find them at the end of each table.

Please note the exchange rates change on a daily basis. We certainly cannot keep up with even major changes. Thus, please see the USD and Euro values as an indicator for your overview, and use a currency converter to find out the latest exchange rate.





Tuition fee nurseries

Be aware that additional fees will apply!

Annual tuition fees at international pre-K and nursery schools in Thailand (as of August 2018)
Pre-K and Nursery THB USD Euro
Kevalee International School 50.000 1.504 1.280
Hana Christian International Kindergarten 80.000 2.404 2.054
Global Indian International School 90.000 2.705 2.310
California Prep International School 100.000 3.004 2.558
AIT International School 107.000 3.215 2.737
St. John Mary International School 113.000 3.399 2.899
Bernie British International Prep (3 terms, average) 115.000 3.455 2.941
Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiang Mai (average) 120.500 3.620 3.082
Bangkok Grace International School 121.900 3.662 3.118
Ekamai International School 140.000 4.207 3.593
NIVA International School
145.000 4.361 3.720
Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School
145.000 4.361 3.720
Varee International Chaingmai School
151.000 4.542 3.874
Rose Marie Academy (3 days/week) 153.800 4.626 3.946
Panyaden International School
163.520 4.918 4.196
Mooltripakdee International School 171.000 5.143 4.376
Prep International Kindergarten (average) 175.500 5.279 4.503
SCL International School 179.550 5.400 4.603
RC International School
180.000 5.414 4.618
Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten
194.000 5.835 4.977
Wells International School
200.000 6.016 5.131
Tara Pattana International School Pattaya
203.000 6.106 5.208
Kajonkiet International School Phuket 210.000 6.316 5.374
Udon Thani International School
218.360 6.568 5.602
Royce Royal International Kindergarten
222.000 6.677 5.696
Southern International School Hatyai
222.000 6.677 5.696
Bright Skies International School 230.850 6.935 5.903
Rasami British International School
234.000 7.038 6.004
Heathfield International School 235.200 7.074 6.018
United World College Phuket
236.000 7.098 6.040
International School Chonburi 236.292 7.107 6.046
HeadStart International School 250.000 7.519 6.397
Keerapat International School 254.000 7.640 6.499
Swiss School Bangkok
255.700 7.691 6.627
International School Eastern Seaboard 259.000 7.790 6.627
Bloomsbury International School 262.900 7.898 6.723
Charter International School 270.000 8.111 6.905
Kidz Village International Kindergarten 271.500 8.166 6.947
Ascot International School 276.000 8.291 7.058
Bromsgrove International School 290.070 8.714 7.418
Regents International School Pattaya
296.400 8.915 7.605
American School of Bangkok 310.000 9.314 7.928
International School of Samui 314.847 9.470 8.056
Garden International School Eastern Seaboard
Magic Years International School 333.800 10.040 8.541
Regents International School Bangkok
335.400 10.088 8.605
Ruamrudee International School
354.400 10.659 9.093
British International School Phuket 369.000 11.085 9.436
Rugby School Thailand
399.000 12.085 9.999
KIS International School (average) 405.200 12.187 10.368
Bangkok Patana School 409.200 12.292 10.464
Berkeley International School 426.611 12.815 10.909
Montessori Academy Bangkok
430.000 12.933 11.003
Bangkok Prep 438.000 13.158 11.200
St. Andrews International School Bangkok
452.000 13.594 11.597
Concordian International School 471.000 14.149 12.044
Harrow International School 507.000 15.235 13.012
St. Andrews International Schools Thailand
510.615 15.357 13.100
International School Bangkok 522.500 15.715 13.369
These schools do not provide any useful fee information on their Web site:
ABC Pathways School
Australian International School Bangkok
British Early Years Centre
Fullakids International Day Care
Garden International School
Good Home Nursery
John Wyatt Montessori International School
KiddyCare International School
KIDO Educare Centre
Kids' Academy International Pre-School
Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten
Ladybird Pattaya International Kindergarten
Little Dragons International School
Little Maple Nursery
Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery
Mulberry House International Pre-school
New Sathorn International School
Pan-Asia International School
QSI International School Phuket
Raffles American School Bangkok
St. Johns International School
Siam Singapore International School
Siriwat Wittaya English Program School
Storytime Pre-School
Suratthani International School
Talents International Pre-School
Thai-Chinese International School
The First Steps International Pre-School
Village International Education Centre
Theodore International School Chumphon
Tiny Seeds International Pre-School
The British School of Bangkok
Traill International School



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