Siriwat Wittaya International Program School

Siriwat Wittaya English Program

US curriculum school preK-12 in Bangkok




Siriwat Wittaya English Program is a high quality school in Bangkok. On a daily basis we deliver academic enrichment in a family-oriented and loving atmosphere. Our hand-picked foreign andThai teachers bring a kind-hearted presence to their classrooms while instilling scholarship and moral integrity.

We promote a sense of community between our students, parents, and teachers that compliment personal growth and learning. From managers to teachers and administrative staff, students are exposed to leadership that lights the path ahead. They are shown the right way and given tender loving care to follow this good direction in their day-to-day attention to studies.

Our teachers have a global perspective that is encouraged in the thinking of our students. We believe that everyone should look beyond Siriwat for the best possible opportunities. The earlier that perspective is developed the more clear students can visualize their future.

We believe that delivering quality instruction at a reasonable rate of tuition is an important value that allows more families the opportunity to participate in an upscale educational development for their children.







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Siriwat Wittaya English Program
4/6 Moo. 7 Permsin-Orgern Road, Sai Mai, Bangkok, 10220 Thailand
Phone: 02-531-0912



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