King Mongkut's International Demonstration School

King Mongkut's International Demonstration School

Math, Science and Technology School in Ladkrabang, grades 7-12




King Mongkut’s International Demonstration School (KMIDs) is the first math, science and technology focused demonstration school in Thailand. Students that attend specialized programs at the school are nurtured to be the innovators of the future. Our intensive, academic curriculum aligns a combination of the California and Thai standards, therefore students are qualified to apply both abroad and in Thailand in their higher education without needing to submit additional documents to the Ministry of Education.

Pathway to KMITL courses are taught by experienced university lecturers. These courses allow students to pursue their academic interests and earn course credits which can be transferred to KMITL. The university offers direct admission to students who pass the KMITL faculty’s admission exam.

AP (Advanced Placement) courses contain college-level curriculum and are created by North America’s College Board. American colleges and universities may grant placement and course credits to outstanding students from KMIDs.

In addition to the core curriculum at KMIDs, we also offer co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which aim to enrich the lives of our students and enable them to develop into the great leaders of the future. Academic Clubs, Language Clubs and Technology Clubs such as our Robotics and Web Design are just a selection of the diverse range of activities available to our students.

Our vision is to be the ‘Master of Innovation, Inspiration and Imagination.’ We believe that we have all that it takes to instill passion in young citizens, who will improve our country for future generations.







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King Mongkut's International Demonstration School (KMIDS)
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Chalongkrung Rd, Ladkrabang, Bangkok Thailand 10520
Phone: 02-3298288 | 085 917 4242 | 092-489-4111 | 063-931-8111

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