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Kevalee International School

Thai curriculum, Nursery through grade 12




Kevalee International School was established in 1996 as a small international kindergarten school. Our services were later expanded to cover preparation of students seeking admission into other well-known international schools in Bangkok at any level. Our school, licensed by Thailand’s Ministry of Education, was founded by Mrs. Juliana Kevalee, a school director who has more than 40 years of experiences at well-known International Schools, including 30 years of teaching experiences at RIS.

Situated in a peaceful suburb of Bangkok , Kevalee has attracted the attention of parents seeking a warm, caring atmosphere and student-centered small-sized classes. Kevalee has gradually grown to cater to international students of all ages and diverse backgrounds, helping them to acquire knowledge and skills essential for academic success.

To serve growing market demand from parents for quality and high standard education at a feasible cost, Kevalee has in 2007 expanded our curriculum to Grade 12, with new campus on Hathairaj 37 Road, Klongsamwa. Kevalee has a commitment to continue providing excellent and quality study programs to our students, preparing them to be ready for further studies at university level, both in Thailand and overseas.

Kevalee International School is in the process of receiving accreditation for its extended Grade 1-12 curriculum. We are now accepting applications for admission to grades 1-8. This will be followed by the opening of the high school section in the following school year.

Kevalee is accredited by The office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization) – ONESQA and Western Association of Schools and Colleges – WASC.





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Kevalee International School
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