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International School of Chonburi (ISC) is a young school having opened in 2009. It began with a vision to create an early years school, inspired by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. Another aspect of that vision was to establish it in as natural a setting as possible so that the transition from home to school would make children feel secure. Each year we have proudly opened one more year level and now we have completed our Primary Years.

At the International School of Chonburi (ISC) we stress strong relationships among students, faculty, parents and the community. All people involved in ISC have the right and responsibility to share their ideas, their knowledge, and their feelings with each other. The school provides an environment that encourages open communication.

Children learn by active involvement in diverse media and by direct personal experiences. The school provides experiences that accommodate a variety of individual learning styles. As new concepts or skills are introduced, we believe that tasks should be presented on a continuum moving from concrete example to abstract understanding; from carefully considered action to automatic integration of codes of behavior. We believe that motivation for learning comes from within the child and is stimulated and cultivated by teacher and parent reinforcement, guidance and example.

Children are whole beings, and it is known that learning tasks and experiences by their nature, often fragment the whole being. It is our belief that each task must lead back to the whole and that each child should always be aware of the relationship between parts and whole. ISC strives for the development of the whole person.

We offer our students a rich and challenging curriculum that cultivates life long learning. We strive to prepare children so that they will be able to manage their lives satisfactorily in this complex world. We embrace a multicultural approach to learning.

At ISC children in the Early Years program learn through play and personal experience. They are given time to discover and explore their rich and stimulating environment and to construct their own learning. Language, listening and communication skills are developed through story reading, rhymes, songs and games. Pre reading and pre writing skills are also introduced. Children are involved in a variety of art activities, which give them the opportunity to broaden their imagination and to encourage creativity.

ISC uses UK's National Curriculum in our primary school classes. We encourage children to become life-long learners. Alongside this we run strong literacy and numeracy programmes. The children also benefit from Thai, Music, P.E. and Art lessons, which are taught by experienced specialist teachers.







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