Heathfield International School

Heathfield International School

English national curriculum school, preK-12




Heathfield International School was formed from Lord Shaftesbury international School in 2007, in a partnership with Heathfield School UK, in Kidderminster.

The purpose of the School is to provide a quality of the English educational curriculum program with instruction in English based on the English National Curriculum, with necessary modifications required to meet the needs of the International composition of the pupil body. The School is a private educational institution established primarily for English speaking dependent children of families residing in Bangkok and for such other pupils as meet the establish entrance requirements.

Heathfield International School understands that in an increasingly uncertain world, the traditions of a school embracing a caring British ethos are important to many parents who find themselves confronted by a wealth of choices in international education.

As parents ourselves, we too were faced by this difficult dilemma, but in contrast to many others we chose to send our children to our own school and make sure that the school met our own expectations—an educational institution tailored to discerning parents seeking a small, community school firmly in the image of a reputable independent school based in the United Kingdom.

Approaching a decade since opening the school, our vision remains firmly in sight and we have strengthened our resolve to realise it. Whilst we continue to grow in numbers we will continue to remain small in class sizes, increase our work within the community and seek out caring, committed and innovative teachers who can subscribe to our shared values.







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Heathfield International School
10/22 Moo 4, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Saphansung, Bangkok 10240, Thailand Tel. +66 (0) 2372 2679-80
Fax. +66 (0) 2372 2679-80
email: contact@heathfield.ac.th

Web: http://www.heathfield.ac.th/


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