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Hana Christian International Kindergarten provides an environment where students feel happy and are able to develop the ability to learn to their full potential, which is important in helping the students to grow and be balanced in every aspect of life. The school focuses on the social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual development of the students and students are able to practice the skills they learn in a natural way.

Various events are held for the students to develop in each aspect.

On a sunny day, one of the activities the students enjoy doing is drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk. The teacher will prepare many colors of sidewalk chalk for the students to choose from. The students will then draw pictures using their imagination. This activity allows the students the opportunity to practice using their fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity to create a scene or picture using wide spaces. They also learn about colors.

The school is surrounded by numerous large and small trees which creates a good environment for the students. The school has both an indoor and outdoor playground and has CCTV cameras installed in the classroom and on the school grounds. Entrance to the school is through a registered key card. With all these features parents can be confident in the safety of the children in the school .







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Hana Christian International Kindergarten
34/2, Moo 12, T. Nongkwai, A. Hangdong, Chiang Mai – 50230, Thailand
Phone: +66-53-336848
Fax: +66-53-336848
Email: no email provided

Web site: http://hcik.ac.th


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