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International Nursery Schools in Thailand

Day Care, Early Childhood, and Pre-Kindergarten Schools




This page focuses on early years education starting usually around 18 months of age. In Bangkok and Thailand you find several institutions offering a stepwise approach until school entry, and at full-range schools even up to grade 12.

Preschool education or Infant education is the provision of education for children before the commencement of statutory and obligatory education, usually between the ages of zero or three and five, depending on the national laws. In British English, nursery school or simply 'nursery' or playgroup, is the usual term for preschool education. In the United States preschool and Pre-K are used, while 'nursery school' sounds a bit oldfashioned.

A nursery school (also: play shool) is a school for children between the ages of three and five years, staffed by qualified teachers and other professionals who encourage and supervise educational play, rather than simply providing childcare. It is a pre-school education institution and part of early childhood education. The curriculum goals of a nursery school are more specific than for childcare, but less vigorous than for primary school.

Child care or baby care means caring for and supervising children usually from 0–8 years of age. In the UK and Australia, day care is referred to as 'childcare'. In the United States child care is increasingly referred to as early childhood education due to the understanding of the impact of early experiences of the developing child. Child care is a broad topic covering a wide spectrum of contexts, activities, social and cultural conventions, and institutions.

Pre-kindergarten (also called Pre-K or PK) refers to the first formal academic classroom-based learning environment that a child customarily attends in the United States. It begins around the age of three or four in order to prepare for the more didactic and academically intensive kindergarten, the traditional "first" class that school children participate in. Pre-Kindergarten is not required. On the other hand, it acts as a way to prepare children (especially those of a disadvantaged population) to better succeed in a kindergarten. Pre-Kindergarten was also known as Nursery school, but the term was phased out during the 1990s (Wikipedia).





International Early-Year Nurseries in Bangkok and Thailand

The best international nursery schools in Thailand (as of August 2018)
International Nursery Schools Area
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ABC Pathways International Kindergarten
AIT International School Pathumthani
The American School of Bangkok Bangkok
Ascot International School Bangkok
Australian International School Bangkok Bangkok
Bangkok Grace International School Bangkok
Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School Bangkok
Bangkok Patana School Bangkok
Berkeley International School Bangkok
Bernie British International Preparatory Centre Bangkok
Bright Skies International School Bangkok
British Columbia International School Bangkok Bangkok
British Early Years Centre Bangkok
British International School Phuket
Bromsgrove International School Thailand Minburi
Centre ACACIA Nursery Bangkok
Charter International School Bangkok
Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiang Mai Chiang Mai
Concordian International School Samut Prakarn
Fullakids International Daycare
Garden International School Bangkok Bangkok
Garden International School Eastern Seaboard Ban Chang
Global International School Pathum Thani
Good Home Nursery Nonthaburi
Hana Christian International Kindergarten
Harrow International School Bangkok
HeadStart International School
Heathfield International School
IPC International Kindergarten Bangkok
International School Bangkok Nonthaburi
International School of Chonburi Pattaya
International School Eastern Seaboard Banglamung (Chonburi)
International School of Samui Samui
John Wyatt Montessori Bangkok
Keerapat International School Bangkok
Kevalee International School
KIDO Bangkok
Kids' Academy Bangkok
Kidz Village International Kindergarten
Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten
KIS International School Bangkok
Kajonkiet International School Phuket
Ladybird Pattaya International Kindergarten Pattaya
Lanna International School Chiang Mai
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Little Dragons International School Nonthaburi
Little Maple Nursery
Magic Years International Kindergarten Bangkok
Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery
Montessori Academy Bangkok International School
Mooltripakdee International School
Mulberry House International Pre-School Bangkok
Nakornpayap International School Chiang Mai
New Sathorn International School Bangkok
NIVA International School
Pan-Asia International School Bangkok
Panyaden International School Chiang Mai
Prep International Montessori Kindergarten Bangkok
QSI International School Phuket Phuket
Raffles American School Bangkok
Samut Prakarn
Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School Bangkok
Rasami British International School
RC International School Bangkok
Regent's International School Pattaya Pattaya
Ruam Rudee International School Bangkok
Rugby School Thailand
Rose Marie Academy Nonthaburi
Royce Royal International Kindergarten
Saint John's International School Bangkok
Saint John Mary International School Saraburi
Shrewsbury International School Bangkok
Singapore International School of Bangkok Bangkok
Southern International School Hatyai
St. Andrews International School Bangkok Bangkok
St. Andrews International School Green Valley Campus Banchang, Rayong
St. Andrews International School Sathorn Campus Bangkok
St. Andrews International School Sukhumvit 107 Campus Bangkok
St. Stephen's International School Bangkok, Khao Yai
Storytime Preschool Bangkok (Nana)
RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok Bangkok (Minburi)
Thai-Chinese International School Samut Prakarn
Surat Thani International School
Samut Prakarn
Talents International Pre-School
The First Steps International Pre-School Bangkok
Theodore International School Chumphon
The Regents International School Bangkok
The Tiny Seeds International Pre-School
Topsy Turvy International The British School of Bangkok Bangkok
Traill International School Bangkok
Udon Thani International School
Udon Thani
United World College Thailand
Varee Chiangmai International School Chiang Mai
Wells International School Bangkok
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