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Top-20 cheapest international High Schools in Thailand




First, a word of caution: This list is build upon tuition fee information only. Be advised that any international high or senior high school will apply additional fees, such as application fee, registration fee. fees for meals and student uniform, and many more.

To see the full range of fees, which includes the more expensive schools as well, please turn to Price Check International High Schools in Thailand.

Always go and visit the school you are interested. Take a look, check the atmosphere, and find out whether that is the right one for your kid.

Certainly, more expensive does not always mean better, and cheaper does not always mean worse.

We hope that this Website helps you to find the perfect school at approriate cost.





The 20 cheaptest international high schools in Thailand

Be aware that additional fees will apply!

Annual tuition fees at international senior high schools or colleges in Thailand (as of August 2018)
Senior High School / College THB USD Euro
Kevalee International School 80.000 2.407 2.047
Manorom International Christian School 100.000 3.008 2.559
Adventist International Mission School 126.400 3.797 3.233
California Prep International School (average) 148.000 4.446 3.785
Ekamai International School 154.000 4.628 3.953
Kinkaid International School Bangkok 155.000 4.662 3.966
Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School
165.000 4.963 4.234
International Pioneers School (average) 181.500 5.459 4.644
Trinity International School Bangkok 189.290 5.693 4.857
Modern International School
194.000 5.835 4.964
Global Indian International School 195.000 5.860 5.005
Bangkok Grace International School 205.900 6.186 5.479
Chiang Rai International School 214.240 6.436 5.497
St. John Mary International School 224.600 6.755 5.762
Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiang Mai 229.000 6.879 5.856
Krabi International School 236.000 7.098 6.039
NIVA International School
240.000 7.219 6.158
Southern International School Hatyai
261.000 7.850 6.696
Lanna International School (average) 262.800 7.904 6.725
SCL International School
269.325 8.100 6.910



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