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This Web site is part of the studyinthailand.org project, promoting to study in Thailand - be it for a language course, continuing education for highly qualified professionals, or even an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree. This Web site is a private initiative financed by advertising.



The idea of promoting to study in Thailand began in 2005, when Ulrich Werner, a long-term lecturer at the Institute of International Studies (IIS) of Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand's largest public university, began to attract foreign students to study at Ramkhamhaeng. At that time, there were 16 foreign students, mainly from surrounding countries, studying an international program at IIS. as of October 2016, almost 1,000 foreign students from 54 countries were registered at IIS, that makes 51 percent of all students, including about 160 German exchange students every semester (most on Bachelor degree level).



Acting as the IIS Web master until 2008 and sustaining the success of the IIS Web site, he received plenty of emails asking for programs that were not offered at Ramkhamhaeng University. In April 2008 therefore studyinthailand.org went online, promoting all international degree programs at Thai universities and colleges. Triggering permanently growing international interest, the site over 1.8 million unique visitors since then (by September 2016 according to Google Analytics.

End of 2010, the next step went online: International Schools in Thailand, promoting private international as well as private and public bilingual (English program) schools.

If you have any idea how we can provide better information around studying and learning in Thailand, just email, please!


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